Borah Park

Borah Park Aurora Dr in Boise

Borah Park is a new community in Boise that has many amenities for the whole family. The community is home to an outdoor pool, a Picnic shelter, and open play areas for children. Residents are also able to enjoy the community garden. If you are looking for an ideal place to raise a family, this is the neighborhood for you. Refer to this site for more fun places.

Community garden in Borah Park

In 2010, the Borah Neighborhood Association received a $30,611 Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant to build a community garden west of the neighborhood pool. They used the money to install raised beds, fences, gravel pathways, and drip irrigation system. The garden now serves 18 families.

Outdoor pool

The Borah Park Aurora Dr pool is located in Boise, Idaho and is open to the public. It has two diving boards and six lanes for swimming. It has a shallow area for non-swimmers. The outdoor pool also has benches and a splash pad. It is open from May 24th through August 18th. A Great Post!

In addition to a 220,000-gallon pool, there are open play areas for children and adults. The Borah Recreation Center is open to children two to five years old. There is also a diving board for adults. In addition to the outdoor pool, the park offers a small and large shelter to keep out the elements. The park is open to the public on a first-come-first-serve basis, but restrooms and water fountains are currently being winterized. For a limited time, there are portable restrooms available.

Picnic shelter

Borah Park is the perfect place for a family picnic. The 13-acre park is surrounded by towering trees, with open spaces and a community garden. The park also includes a picnic shelter, chess tables, and a playground. A cookout is a great idea in this park, with large Cottonwood trees and a grassy aisle for guests to sit on.

The 13-acre park has an outdoor pool, a splash pad, a community garden, picnic shelters, and playgrounds for children and families. It also features restrooms and chess tables. The park recently expanded by purchasing a 4.6-acre parcel. The park currently offers picnic tables and a picnic shelter, but is looking to build a ballfield in the future. This project is budgeted at $0.9 million.

Open play areas

The 13-acre Borah Park offers open play areas, a playground, restrooms, chess tables, and an outdoor pool for families. The park also includes an adjacent 4.6-acre parcel that was purchased in 2010. This is one of the best parks in the Boise area to bring your family for a fun-filled day. Find more Places?

The Borah Neighborhood Association received a $30,611 Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant in 2010 to build a community garden west of the pool. The garden is equipped with raised beds, drip irrigation, and gravel pathways. The community also added benches and fences.

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