Esther Simplot Park

Esther Simplot Park

Esther Simplot Park is an exciting addition to the Boise, Idaho area. The park features a variety of amenities, from grassy open areas to art installations. There are also trails, wetlands, and docks to explore. Read this first!

Construction began in February 2015

Esther Simplot Park is a new gem in the Boise park system. Located in the West End, it offers visitors access to several acres of navigable water. It is named after the widow of the famous Idaho potato magnate J. R. & Esther Simplot. The park is also part of the Ribbon of Jewels, a series of parks in Boise dedicated to prominent women in the city’s history.

Located on 55 acres, Esther Simplot Park will feature 17 ponds, wetlands, a meandering stream, a picnic area, a pavilion, hiking trails, and more. In addition, the park will include eight riparian natural areas and improved trail surfacing around Pond 2.

Esther Simplot’s Performing Arts Academy is located adjacent to the new park. She co-founded the Boise Opera Company. Among her many artistic accomplishments, she also performed in Carnegie Recital Hall and sang with the Riverside Church Choir.

Ponds 1 and 2 are currently closed

Esther Simplot Park Ponds 1 and 2 are currently closed to the public. The city is working to solve a problem with algae in the ponds.

The water quality in the ponds is being monitored by the Boise Public Works Department. They are treating the ponds to get rid of the algae.

The bacteria in the pond was not toxic, according to the city. It was discovered in a routine weekly test.

In addition to the ponds being closed, the children’s beach swimming area is also closed. Officials recommend bathers wash their hands after they’ve been in the water. Discover more exciting places here.


Esther Simplot Park is a new gem in the Boise park system. The 55-acre site is located on Whitewater Park Blvd. It includes a variety of recreational activities and scenic views. There are water sports, fishing, trails, and more.

Located along the Boise River, this park is part of the Ribbon of Jewels series of parks. It is also accessible by bike.

Designed with a range of recreational activities in mind, Esther Simplot Park is perfect for a family picnic, a small gathering, or a day out on the water. A covered shelter, playground, docks, and waterside-lounge are available.


The docks at Esther Simplot Park, Boise ID, offer a place to enjoy the water. These docks are located in the 55-acre park, which also has a playground, wetlands, boardwalks, and more.

This site is a favorite among locals. Located near downtown Boise, it is an oasis for a variety of recreational activities. It is part of a “Ribbon of Jewels” of riverside parks.

The Boise River Greenbelt was created in 1965 as a way to preserve the natural beauty of the Boise River. Today, it is a popular spot for paddleboarding and swimming.


Esther Simplot Park is a new addition to Boise’s park system. It’s 55 acres feature wetlands, trails, and open areas. There are also ponds, kayaks, and other recreational equipment. The park is part of the Ribbon of Jewels, a series of riverside parks in Boise.

One of the newest features of Esther Simplot Park is its Soil Moisture Sensors. These devices monitor the levels of ponds and trigger pumps to fill them. They’re designed to prevent algae blooms.

Another project feature is the BaseStation 3200 irrigation controllers, which help control irrigation. This allows water to be distributed throughout the wetlands area.

Grassy open areas

Esther Simplot Park is a beautiful 55-acre park in Boise, Idaho. It features two ponds, a sand beach, wetlands, a playground, boardwalks, bridges, and more. A portion of the park is also part of the Boise River Greenbelt.

The park was made possible by the Simplot family’s generosity. In 2003, the Simplot Family Foundation donated $1 million to the Boise Parks and Recreation Department. This money enabled the city to purchase the remaining acreage of the park.

The new park is a wonderful addition to the Boise park system. It will provide access to acres of water in the heart of downtown.

Art installations

Esther Simplot Park is a new addition to the Boise parks system. This park is located on 55 acres and includes over 23 acres of ponds and wetlands. Moreover, there are boardwalks and bridges.

The park was developed as part of the Boise River Greenbelt. A former gravel plant was purchased by the city and turned into a park. During the cleanup process, it was found that a portion of the ponds’ soil was contaminated with manufacturing waste.

The city paid $6.2 million to clean up the contaminated dirt. This pushed back the completion date by nine months. Continue reading next article.



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