Owyhee Park

Owyhee Park S Owyhee St Boise ID United States

The Owyhee Park is one of Boise’s oldest neighborhood parks. It features playground equipment for ages 2-12, practice fields, restrooms and basketball courts.

There is also a nearby cottage, which is like living in an old European bungalow. It’s a gem in the Depot Bench, minutes from Boise State University and Downtown. Read Much More.


Located in the heart of Boise’s downtown district is the LDG, a little bar that does not disappoint. With its hefty selection of beer and free horseshoes, this place is the hot spot for any true Boiseans looking for a buck and a half. Besides the fact that they have a snazzy bartender and a pretty darn good menu, it also happens to be one of the few places in town where you can get a real Idaho steak. They even have a fancy schmancy booze and dine menu in the works. Its a tad pricey, but the food and service is worth it. They also have a good selection of microbrews on tap.

The Owyhee Park

The Owyhee Park at Owyhee St Boise ID United States is a quaint public park situated near the city center in the neighborhood of Hillcrest. This park offers many features for kids and families to enjoy, such as two play slide areas, a swing area, and tennis courts.

Located on the western edge of the city, Owyhee Park is within easy walking distance to several local businesses and services. It is also convenient to public transportation and nearby parks like Bowden Park, Morris Hill Park, and Ann Morrison Park.

Since undergoing rehabilitation in 2014, the Owyhee has reopened as a premier community gathering space and is now “home base” to Treefort Music Fest, a five-day music festival that attracts more than 30,000 visitors and 400 bands to Boise each year. In addition, the hotel and its surrounding properties are attracting new investment and spurring new development in the adjacent downtown community. Visit This Link.

The Red Door

Located in the heart of Boise, the Red Door at Owyhee Park S Owyhee St is an excellent example of the city’s revitalization. This hotel has reclaimed its position as a premier community gathering space and is a hub of activity for locals and visitors alike.

As an upscale boutique hotel, the Red Door is one of the most recognizable hotels in Boise and has been a popular destination for families, business travelers, and Boise State University students since its opening. The rehabilitated building has also spurred significant new development in the area around it.

In addition to the Red Door, Boise also has a number of other notable buildings that are worth the attention, such as the Owyhee Hotel (pictured above). The Owyhee was one of five major hotel projects built in Downtown Boise during the 1960s and 1970s that helped bring more visitors to the city and make it easier for them to find accommodations.

The Blue Door

The Blue Door is the place to go for a good time and cheap beer. Not to mention super cute girls! The bartenders are unparallel and the patrons are all nice. It’s a great place to hang out, relax, and get away from the busy city life.

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