Terry Day Park

Terry Day Park Off Federal Way in Boise

The multi-purpose Terry Day Park is a new addition to the city of Boise. Opened in 2013, it includes tennis courts, a playground with a mini-zip line, and a pond. The park is also home to a former house that was gifted to the city by the Terry Day family. The Day family wants the house to get a new lease on life. Click Here for more places to visit!

Terry Day Park is a multi-purpose indoor arena

Boise has many multi-purpose indoor arenas, but Terry Day Park is one of the most unique. The facility was opened in 2013 and includes new tennis courts, a playground, and a mini-zip line. It’s located on the Boise Bench, tucked behind the Grandview Motel. Terry Day Park is named for the late local resident, Terry Day, who donated the land to the city. Day was very active, and enjoyed playing tennis, gardening, and conservation. He died at the age of 75 in 2006, and is now honored by the city with this multi-purpose facility.

It has a playground

The city of Boise has unveiled a new playground at its Vista neighborhood park, Terry Day Park. It features traditional play equipment such as slides, spinners, and net climbers. It is also the first playground in Boise to use bonded rubber surfacing. Other amenities include a picnic shelter, restrooms, and mature trees.

It has a fishing pond

If you’re looking for a place to take your family for a picnic or to take your kids fishing, look no further than Terry Day Park in Boise. The park features a fishing pond, picnic areas, and a zipline for the kids. It is also home to mature trees, making for a tranquil setting. Click here!

It has a zip line

A new playground at Terry Day Park off Federal Way in Boise has zip lines and fishing ponds. It was built using money freed up after voters approved a public safety bond. The bond, which financed the upgrade of six fire stations, allowed the city to redirect resources to new parks and community facilities. The park costs $302,316 and is located near a new tennis court.

It has mature trees

Terry Day Park in Boise is a small park with mature trees that features a pond. There are ducks, geese, and red winged blackbirds, making this a wonderful place to watch wildlife. The park also has a gravel pathway for walking and a restroom.

It has picnic benches

New picnic benches can be found at Terry Day Park in Federal Way, Idaho. The park includes a walking path, a pond, shade trees, and a playground. In addition, the park is planning to add a community center and tennis courts. Next Page.

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