The Boise Fairgrounds

The Boise Fairgrounds

The Boise Fairgrounds in Garden City, ID is a beautiful and thriving community that boasts some of the area’s most scenic natural surroundings. It’s also home to the Western Idaho Fair, and is in the works to become a multi-use sports and entertainment complex. Read on to learn about what this site can offer. Check this out for more details.

Western Idaho Fair

The Western Idaho Fairgrounds in Garden City, Idaho is home to a variety of activities and events. In addition to the rides, games, and exhibits, there are plenty of grilled sausages, roasted potatoes, and veggie skewers. If you are looking for something to do during the summer, the fairgrounds will keep you entertained for hours.

Last week, a 16-year-old accidentally shot himself at the fairgrounds. While the exact cause of the shooting is still under investigation, the Ada County Sheriff’s Office believes it may have been an accidental shooting.

The incident occurred at around 9:45 p.m., when a fight broke out in the fairgrounds parking lot. Another person was stabbed in the attack. According to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, no one is being charged in the incident.

Possible uses for the site

The 240-acre site that houses the Western Idaho Fair is owned by Ada County. It’s located near the Boise River and Greenbelt.

A recent survey showed that over eighty percent of residents in Ada County would like to see the fair stay at Expo Idaho. However, the county hasn’t yet decided to sell the property.

The county is assessing the site for possible uses. They plan to develop a detailed site plan and begin a community engagement process. An online survey was conducted to collect information from the public.

In the next few weeks, Ada County will hold public hearings and begin the process of determining the best uses for the property. As part of that process, the county will conduct a cost analysis. Browse around this site to check more places to visit.

Agri-heritage park

Ada County is considering three plans for its property at the Garden City Fairgrounds. One of those plans would include an agri-heritage park. The park, located on the Boise River, would serve as a public venue for 4H and FFA events, and would also feature tasting rooms and farm-to-table restaurants.

Another plan would focus on a sports complex. In this plan, the existing baseball stadium would be replaced with a new sports facility. An expanded grass field would also be included. This project could cost anywhere from $80 million to $200 million. It could also include a hotel, retail shops, and restaurants.

A third option is to transform the property into a mixed-use town center. This could include a new hotel, a restaurant, retail shops, and a lifelong learning center.

Multi-use sports and entertainment complex

The Treasure Valley has been thinking about a multi-use sports and entertainment complex at the Idaho Fairgrounds for some time. After Prop 2 passed, it seemed like the project was dead. However, the Ada County commissioners are looking for new ways to use the property.

The county has a number of options for the land on the east side of the fairgrounds, including a new stadium for the Boise Hawks baseball team. It’s also possible that the land would be used for an agricultural heritage park and outdoor education campus. This would include farm-to-table restaurants, a lifelong learning center, teaching gardens and tasting rooms.

Other potential uses for the property are a hotel, retail shops, offices, housing and a parking deck. An additional sports stadium could be built, too.

Farm-to-table restaurants, tasting rooms and exhibition space

A redeveloped Expo Idaho site could include everything from apartments to single-family homes, sports fields to office space, and a golf course to a dog park. Ada County would conduct a cost analysis before moving forward with plans. The county has been looking into the possibility for more than a year.

The Expo Idaho site is located on the south bank of the Boise River. It is home to the now defunct Les Bois horse track, an aging stadium and a section of the Greenbelt. As the county moves forward, it will have to decide on a site plan for the site and make sure the resulting development is compatible with the new stadium.

The redeveloped Expo Idaho site could also be home to the Western Idaho Fair. The county will have to assess whether the site is the best place to host the fair. Next blog post.


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